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Course Curriculum

Introduction to Machine Data & Splunk Basics

  • What is Machine Data & its challenges? 
  • Need for Splunk and its features
  • Splunk Components: Search Head, Indexer, Forwarder, Deployment Server, & License Master.
  • Splunk Licensing options
  • Download and Install Splunk
  • Splunk Products and their Use-Case.

Data Ingestion, Splunk Search, and Reporting Commands

  • Implement Basic search commands in Splunk -  Fields, Table, Sort, Rename, Search.
  • Learn Reporting & Transforming commands in  Splunk - Top, Rare, Stats, Chart, Timechart, Dedup, Rex.
  • Understand the use of time ranges while searching.
  • Via UF (Universal Forwarder)
  • Learn the various data onboarding techniques.
  • Via flat files.

Splunk Alerts, Visualizations, Reports, & Dashboards

  • Create Reports with search results 
  • Set permissions for Reports and Dashboard.
  • Share Dashboard with other teams.
  • Create Alerts triggered on certain conditions.
  • Different Splunk Visualizations
  • Create Reports and schedule them using cron schedule

Splunk Clustering Techniques

  • Use the frequently used Splunk CLI commands 
  • Implement Search Head Clustering.
  • Deploy an App on the Search Head cluster
  • Implement Indexer Clustering
  • Install Splunk on Linux OS.
  • Learn the best practices while setting up a Clustering environment
  • Splunk Clustering

Analyzing, Calculating and Formatting Results

  • Calculating and Analyzing results 
  • Filtering calculated search results
  • Value Conversion
  • Roundoff and format values.
  • Using eval command and Conditional Statements.

Tags and Event Types

  • Introduction to Tags in Splunk 
  • Deploying Tags for Splunk search
  • Understanding event types and utility.
  • Generating and implementing event types in Search.

Transforming & Reporting Commands

  • Using Top, Rare,  and Stats Commands.
  • Using following commands and their functions: addcoltotals, addtotals,top, rare and stats.  

Splunk Development

  • Splunk Development concepts
  • Basic Searching
  • Using Fields in Searches
  • Saving and Scheduling Searches
  • Creating Alerts
  • Scheduled Reports
  • Tags and Event Types
  • Creating and Using Macros
  • Workflow
  • Splunk Search Commands
  • Transforming Commands
  • Reporting Commands
  • Mapping and Single Value Commands
  • Splunk Reports & visualizations
  • Analyzing, Calculating and Formatting Results
  • Correlating Events
  • Enriching Data with Lookups
  • Creating Reports and Dashboards
  • Getting started with Parsing
  • Using Pivot 

Splunk User & Index Management

  • Splunk User authentication and Job Role assignment 
  • Learning to manage.
  • Monitor and optimize Splunk Indexes.   

Various Splunk Input Methods

  • Understanding the input methods 
  • Deploying scripted
  • Network and agentless input types.
  • Windows
  • Fine-tuning it all.    

Course Description

Who Should do the Splunk Training?

Splunk Course is best suited for Splunk users, customers and partners who wish to manage and administer Splunk enterprise environments. In addition, the following roles can benefit after clearing their administration with Splunk certification exam:
  • System Analysts
  • System Developers
  • Support Engineers
  • Support Analysts
  • IT Managers
  • Any other IT professional who is a part of data center, IT monitoring or IT Support teams

What are the Objectives of Splunk Training Online?

  • Get an in-depth understanding of Splunk admin concepts
  • Learn to install Splunk, configure reports for monitoring and set up alerts as well
  • Know how to set up Spunk for data visualization through dashboards and graphs
  • Use Search Processing Language or SPL to troubleshoot application issues
  • Learn how to use the search functionality, tags, event types, and different fields of Splunk

What are the Pre-requisites for this Course?

As such, there are no pre-requisites for learning Splunk. However, it is highly recommended for professionals coming from IT Operations and analytics domain.


Do you have self paced training?

Yes, we offer self paced training

How do you provide training?

We offer three different modes of training. Instructor Led Live Training, Self Paced Training and Corporate Training

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes we offer discounts for group of 3 plus people.

Can I choose timings that suits my schedule?

Yes we are the only company where we work with students and offer flexible timings which fits your schedule

Who are the Instructors?

All our instructors are from MNC companies who have real time experience of more than 10 years.

Can I attend a demo session before joining?

Yes we offer a free demo session with the instructors. The trainer will answer all your queries and share the course agenda.

Course Reviews


Splunk course was absolutely great. Instructor taught all the concepts thoroughly and he is very knowledgeable, clarified and answered all the questions. The support team is really good. Enjoyed the course, good hands on as well which was very helpful.


Splunk Instructor possesses good command on the topics. Takes measures to make sure everyone is understanding the vital concepts. Informative session. Course content is good and beginner friendly. Thank you team.


Nice online institute for learning Splunk. Provides quality training by real time examples. Thank you.