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Course Curriculum

Introduction to Scala for Apache Spark

  • What is Scala?
  • Why Scala for Spark?
  • Scala in other frameworks
  • Introduction to Scala REPL
  • Basic Scala operations
  • Variable Types in Scala
  • Control Structures in Scala
  • Foreach loop, Functions and Procedures
  • Collections in Scala- Array.

OOPS and Functional Programming in Scala

  • Traits as Interfaces and Layered Traits.
  • Anonymous Functions, and more.
  • Auxiliary Constructor and Primary Constructor.
  • Class in Scala.
  • Properties with only Getters.
  • Custom Getters and Setters.
  • Overriding Methods.

Apache Spark Framework

  • Big Data Analytics with Batch & Real-Time Processing
  • Why Spark is Needed?
  • What is Spark?
  • How Spark Differs from Its Competitors?
  • Spark at eBay
  • Spark’s Place in Hadoop Ecosystem
  • Spark Components & it’s Architecture
  • Running Programs on Scala IDE & Spark Shell
  • Spark Web UI
  • Configuring Spark Properties.

Introduction To Big Data And Spark

  • Introduction to Big Data
  • Challenges with Big Data
  • Batch Vs. Real Time Big Data Analytics
  • Batch Analytics – Hadoop Ecosystem Overview
  • Real Time Analytics Options
  • Streaming Data – Storm
  • In Memory Data – Spark
  • What is Spark?
  • Modes of Spark
  • Spark Installation Demo
  • Overview of Spark on a cluster
  • Spark Standalone Cluster. 

Machine Learning using Spark MLlib

  • What is Machine Learning?
  • Where is Machine Learning Used?
  • Different Types of Machine Learning Techniques
  • Face Detection: USE CASE
  • Understanding MLlib
  • Features of Saprk MLlib and MLlib Tools
  • Various ML algorithms supported by Spark MLlib
  • K-Means Clustering & How It Works with MLlib
  • Analysis on US Election Data: K-Means Spark MLlib USE CASE

Running SQL Queries Using Spark SQL

  • Importance of Spark SQL 
  •  Benefits of Spark SQL 
  • DataFrames 
  • SQLContext (contd.) 
  •  Using DataFrame Operations 
  • Run SparkSQL with a Dataframe 
  • Using the Reflection-Based Approach 
  • Using the Programmatic Approach (contd.) 

Spark ML Programming

  • Introduction to Machine Learning 
  • Applications of Machine Learning 
  • DataFrames 
  • Transformers and Estimators 
  • Working of a Pipeline (contd.) 
  • General Machine Learning Pipeline-Example 

Capturing Data with Apache Flume and Integration with Kafka

  • Need of Apache Flume
  • What is Apache Flume
  • Basic Flume Architecture
  • Flume Sources
  • Flume Sinks
  • Flume Channels
  • Flume Configuration
  • Integrating Apache Flume and Apache Kafka.

Apache Spark Streaming

  • Drawbacks in Existing Computing Methods
  • Why Streaming is Necessary?
  • What is Spark Streaming?
  • Spark Streaming Features
  • Spark Streaming Workflow
  • How Uber Uses Streaming Data
  • Streaming Context & DStreams
  • Transformations on DStreams
  • WordCount Program using Spark Streaming
  • Describe Windowed Operators and Why it is Useful
  • Important Windowed Operators
  • Slice, Window and ReduceByWindow Operators
  • Stateful Operators
  • Perform Twitter Sentimental Analysis Using Spark Streaming.

Course Description

What you will learn in this Spark Online Training?

  • Learn Scala and its programming implementation.
  • Write Spark Applications using Python, Java and Scala.
  • Understand RDD and its operation along with implementation of Spark Algorithms.
  • Learn about the Scala classes concept and execute pattern matching.
  • Understand what is Apache Spark and Scala programming.
  • Define and explain Spark Streaming.
  • Work on Projects using Scala to run on Spark applications.

Who should go for our Spark Training Course?

  • Developers and Architects
  • BI /ETL/DW Professionals
  • Senior IT Professionals
  • Testing Professionals
  • Mainframe Professionals
  • Freshers
  • Big Data Enthusiasts
  • Software Architects, Engineers and Developers
  • Data Scientists and Analytics Professionals.

What are the Prerequisites for this Spark Training course?

There are no prerequisites for taking up this Apache Spark Certification training course. Basic knowledge of database, SQL and query language can help to learn Spark and Scala.


Do you have self paced training?

Yes, we offer self paced training

How do you provide training?

We offer three different modes of training. Instructor Led Live Training, Self Paced Training and Corporate Training

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes we offer discounts for group of 3 plus people.

Can I choose timings that suits my schedule?

Yes we are the only company where we work with students and offer flexible timings which fits your schedule

Who are the Instructors?

All our instructors are from MNC companies who have real time experience of more than 10 years.

Can I attend a demo session before joining?

Yes we offer a free demo session with the instructors. The trainer will answer all your queries and share the course agenda.

Course Reviews


Had great experience in learning this course. Trainer helped me a lot during my course. I strongly recommend you to go with this. Really very nice.


I was a beginner before taking this course but I learnt a lot of useful stuff about the scripting part of Apache Scala. Thank you.


This is a good course for beginners as well as experts with all the basic concepts explained clearly. It's a good starter to move to Apache Scala programming for programmers as well as non- programmers. Thank you.