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Course Curriculum

Dynamics 365 Introduction

Setting up your Lab environment

  • Setup your Lab and install sample data.

Initial Setup And Configuration

Configure Dynamics 365 System Settings

  • Configure Auto Save Settings
  • Configure Formatting Settings
  • Configure Email Settings

 Configure Dynamics 365 Audit Settings

  • Enable Auditing in Dynamics 365
  • Enable Auditing for an Entity
  • Configure Auditing for a Field.


Configure Users, Business Units, Security Roles and Access Levels

  • Add new Users in Dynamics 365
  • Create new Business Units
  • Copy a Security Role and Configure Access Levels
  • Assign Users to Security Roles
  • Login to Dynamics 365 as a different User to test permissions

 Configure Access Teams

  • Configure an Entity to be used in Access Teams
  • Create an Access Team Template
  • Configure a Sub-Grid to use an Access Team

Configure a Management Hierarchy

  • Enable Hierarchy Security
  • Configure a Manager Hierarchy.

Customizing Fields

Creating and Managing Fields

  • Creating Fields
  • Create a Global Option Set

Creating a Calculated Field

  • Creating a Calculated Field
  • Add Fields to an Entity Form

Configuring Field Level Security

  • Enable a Field for Field Level Security
  • Configure a Field Security Profile

Creating And Managing Entities

  • Creating a new Solution
  • Create Custom Entities and configure Entity properties
  • Add existing System Entities to a Solution
  • Configure permissions for Custom Entities.

Customizing Relationships And Mappings

Create Entity Relationships

  • Create Entity Relationships
  • Configure Relationship Behavior

Create a Hierarchical Relationship

  • Configure a Hierarchical Relationship

Configure Field Mappings

  • Configure Field Mappings

Customizing Forms, Views And Visualizations

Customizing Forms

  • Customizing Forms
  • Create a Quick Create Form
  • Create a Quick View Form

Configuring System Views

  • Create Custom System Views

Configuring Charts and Dashboards

  • Configure a System Chart
  • Construct a System Dashboard.

Processes: Workflows, Business Process Flows And Custom Actions

Create a Workflow

  • Create a Workflow
  • Define when a Workflow Starts
  • Adding Workflow Steps
  • Activating a Workflow

Create a Business Process Flow

  • Create a Business Process Flow
  • Add Stages and Steps to a Business Process Flow
  • Configure Branching Logic in a Business Process Flow.

Solution Management

  • Export an Unmanaged Solution
  • Import an Unmanaged Solution
  • Configuring Managed Properties
  • Export and Import Managed Solutions
  • Create a Solution Patch
  • Clone a Solution.

Course Description

What are the Objectives of this Training Course?

  • Navigate through different client types
  • Identify different action types
  • Keep a check on the data and activities in Outlook
  • Understand the utilization of views
  • Search data using Global Search
  • Understand the role of leads
  • Learn the Lead to Opportunity Process Flow
  • Identify case types
  • Explain the basic steps of the marketing process
  • Plan and budget a marketing campaign
  • Understand when to implement a marketing campaign
  • Execute the post-course survey.

Who should do Dynamics 365 Training and Certification Courses?

  • Implementation Consultants
  • System Administrators
  • Project Managers
  • Technical Support Technicians.

What are the Pre-requisites of this Training Course?

  • Students should have a working knowledge of either Microsoft Dynamics 365 or Microsoft Dynamics CRM 


Do you have self paced training?

Yes, we offer self paced training

How do you provide training?

We offer three different modes of training. Instructor Led Live Training, Self Paced Training and Corporate Training

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes we offer discounts for group of 3 plus people.

Can I choose timings that suits my schedule?

Yes we are the only company where we work with students and offer flexible timings which fits your schedule

Who are the Instructors?

All our instructors are from MNC companies who have real time experience of more than 10 years.

Can I attend a demo session before joining?

Yes we offer a free demo session with the instructors. The trainer will answer all your queries and share the course agenda.

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It is a great experience to learn online courses through Live Training Bangalore. The sessions are very professional. I had enrolled for MS Dynamics 365 course. It helped me a lot professionally at my workplace. I am very glad for choosing LTB as my learning partner. Thank you.


It was a great experience to undergo and get certified in the MS Dynamics 365 Course from LTB. As a working professional, it has not only given me an exposure to the domain but also helped me learn cross technologies and develop an inclination towards it. Thank you.


I came across Live Training Bangalore while I was searching for Fast Track courses in MS Dynamics 365. Their coordinators and instructors responded positively and I was able to get a good conceptual overview. Thank you LTB.